A Guide to Football Betting

With the Football world cup 2018 on, the entire football loving population is been affected by the frenzy it has created, where 32 teams are fighting it out in the middle to lift the coveted trophy. This excitement is not only felt in the field but is also felt amongst the bookmakers and punters who bet on each and every goal scored  and try their luck to make quick bucks with each 7 meter game.


A person sitting at the fence feels that there is lot of luck factor involved in betting in any sport. But it’s not always that. A lot of research goes in understanding the game and also knowing the strength and weaknesses of each team member so as to increase the chances of winning and minimizing the risks and losses. A person interested in betting needs to follow a certain strategy so as to not make frequent mistakes and lose money.  There are certain points which a person interested in betting should keep in mind while placing the bets. These are:

Avoid betting always on the most popular teams: There are lots of other people also betting on those teams, which reduces their value and the odds become short, resulting in less profit. The bettor should also have knowledge of other teams as well who are not so popular but have good players.

Proper balancing of risk: The 7 Meter bettors should try to spread their risk by placing their bets on number of other things so as to even out their risks. E.g. instead of betting on the first scorer of the goal, the bettor can instead bet on anytime goal scorer, the probability of which winning becomes more.

Shop around: The bettor should not always stick to one bookmaker as they cannot ensure returns all the time. Like studying different teams, the bettor should always be aware of the strength and weaknesses of the bookie as well. It may happen that the regular bookmaker is not offering the best odds.

Keep changing strategies: One strategy that has worked does not mean it will keep working for all the games.  Strategy should change according to the circumstances in the game. The bettor should be aware of the changes in the football world and know about the teams and its players.

In-Play betting: These are live betting which can be done while the game is on. Because of the availability of number of online betting sites this kind of live betting has become very popular. This allows the punters to place multiple bets throughout a single match to maximize profits. One major advantage of a live betting as compared to pre-match bets is that one can view the game and bet accordingly. In a football match, if it looks like a team will shortly score a goal, then the punter can simply place a bet for this to happen and win.